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The #1 challenge facing CEOs is developing innovative, flexible teams.
- The Conference Board CEO Challenge 2017 


Leaders in every industry are struggling to stay ahead of the ever-changing conditions in our fast-paced, global world. The tried-and-true tenants of leadership that we embrace and continue to promote are no longer effective. Leaders consistently and unknowingly reward behaviors that curtail strategic thinking, dismiss creative ideas, and keep them from meeting their goals.  


Rita, the founder of The Savvy Org, espouses a new approach to leadership that stimulates flexibility, creativity, and innovation among teams. She provides practical, concrete steps that all leaders can employ immediately to encourage change.


Some of Rita's recent and upcoming engagements include:

Xperience Design Project Washington, DC

The Great Ideas Conference Colorado Springs, CO

The AMA Nonprofit Conference Washington, DC

The Associations @ Work Conference Washington, DC

Developing Your Leadership Potential Washington, DC

Membership, Marketing & Communications Conference Washington, DC

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Outstanding presentation style. I was engaged from the moment I walked through the door.
Rita was clearly knowledgeable about the topic and welcomed participation and questions. Really enjoyed the session!